Little Owls

In an old barn not far from my home are a pair of Little Owls. Some days they don’t seem to go to bed and just hand about near their home. No matter how stealthy an approach you make they have eyes on you!


We took the motorhome down to Suffolk to visit  our new Grandson and stayed on a great rural campsite. The ponds on this site are visited by Otters. They didn’t show up but it was a haven for dragonflies. A few hours passed and lots of images to give a good few shots to post. These images were all taken with the Olympus EM1 mk. 2 using a 300mm f4 lens with a 1.4 teleconverter. This gives and equivalent focal length of 840mm. What is a massive benefit to this lens is its close focusing capabilty and incredible image quality which gives a macro capability.